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Why make sourdough at home

Sourdough starter

How to easily make and maintain a healthy sourdough starter to bake incredible bread, pizza, pita and other things
Prep Time 4 d


  • Glass jar
  • Cloth or paper towel


  • Wholegrain flour
  • Filtered water at 28 degrees C


  • DAY 1.
    Mix 150g of wholegrain flour with 150g water. Mix vigorously so the whole flour is well moistened and air has been incorporated. Cover it with a clot and leave in a warm place in your home. Don't leave it next to direct heat or next to other fermented foods, because some microorganisms could migrate from one food to the other and change the fermentation.
  • DAY 2.
    After 24 hours, discard half of the mixture of the jar and incorporate 75g of water and 75g of flour. You can use the discarded part for pancakes, or add it to some pita bread dough.
  • DAY 3.
    Repeat what you did on day 2. You should repeat this step every 24 hours until you start seeing some fermenting in the jar - you will see some bubbles and it will start growing in volume.
  • The starter will be ready, when you see it has grown twice as big. There is a secret that I learned from The Sourdough School (you should absolutely read the book!) that if you take a small quantity of the mixture and put it in water, a ready starter should be floating on top.
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